Friday, January 18, 2019

Knock Out to Understand Diseases in Human Body

Procedure to produce gene knockout animal (Source: Hansson, 2007)
Knockout is a technique to in-activate specific genes in human body. The technique is part of biotechnology which has been used to modify living organisms in order to improve human welfare since long time ago, may be dated back to 5000 B.C.E.
Inactivated specific genes is the biochemical and pathological basis that might be used to understand human diseases. For these purposes the scientists produced a knockout mouse. 
NIH (2015) informed that human share many genes with mice. Thus, observing knockout mice gives information that can be used to better understand how a similar gene may cause or contribute to disease in humans. 
So far, knockout mice have been used to understand many diseases, including cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, substance abuse, anxiety, aging and Parkinson disease. 
The knockout will result in disrupt of targeted gene. Since mouse is closely related to humans, thus, it is favorite animal for knockout experiments, especially with regard to genetic questions that relate to human physiology.
At Figure above (top of this article), we can see how to target gene. The introduce specific gene modification in mice by the use of embryonic stem (ES) cell, then produced knockout animal (mice). 
As described by Hansson (2007) that knockout have become absolutely important in medical research. Through targeting (removing) a specific gene, we can find out what happens once it is gone. It is lead to new understanding of normal development and disease processes, then identified new avenues for medical therapy.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

New Parents often Faced Depression

Illustration of depressed parents and kids, credit to Matthew D. Johnson
Both mom and dad experienced some degree of depression immediately after childbirth. Around 12% of mother get depression called as a postpartum depression. This kind of depression is due to combination of factors such as tired and exhausted, psychological adaptation and hormonal changes.
Depressions faced by parents not only influence their own behavior, but also trickle-down effect to their newborn child, and even beyond. It is fact that depression parents affect on cognitive ability, emotional function, anxiety development, and even depression of children. 
Many researchers found that depressed parents associates with children difficulties in respect to insecurity, agressiveness, emotionality, happiness, cognitive vulnerabilities and bad interpersonal functioning. 
Kids respond to their depressed parents by non interactive face. This kind of action also happen when kids meet with unrelated caregivers.
Later, youngsters could develop emotional problems which lead to less social interactions. Children from depressed parent has no vocabularies advantages, then cause difficulty in communications and reading ability.
Low level of parental care and separation from parents are believed to influence on children development. Kids tend to exhibit anxiety behaviors and disruption in cognitive capabilities. However, these abnormalities could be repaired through environmental enrichment and experience process during adulthood.
For children with abnormalities due to depressed parents during their childhood, it is important to pay attention for formal and informal education as one of ways to cure abnormalities. 

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Walmart Shopping Center: Scan and Go

Self Scanning Machine
First time when I came to Walmart, the biggest super center in the USA about 13 years ago, where each counter has own cashier, no automatic scanning at all. Then, there are a few self scanning, but there is someone to take care payment either by credit card or cash or even by cheques.
Since last year, 2018, almost all counters of Walmart groceries are automatic. We take care ourselves, from scanning the goods, put and arrange in the plastic bags and do payment. The payment by credit or debit card only. No cash payments or cheques.
Actually, the self scanning system is not new, first invented by Howard Schneider and applied by the supermarket, called the Price Chopper in New York in 1992. Then automatic machines were copied by many supermarket across America since 1997.

No cashiers anymore
Now, to save time, several supermarket provide portable scanners. We scan the barcode on items, then arranging the items in the cart. The scanner add up the bill, thus we could through available cashiers or through self-checkout counters.  
In addition to automatic check out, the Walmart offers shopping through online. We can order everything from computer devices to electronics to prescription drugs to groceries to avoid crowd in the checkout line. Then, we could pick up after the store completed our orders.
This is new thing for me. Quite difficult to adjust for me at first. However, technology changes can’t be avoided, we must face of its. What do you think?

Friday, December 7, 2018

Sweet Citrus in Our Small Garden

Ripe citrus

When we buy a house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, there are several plants, include fruits at backyard. The fruits are pear, lemon, blackberry and citrus. The lovely fruit for me and my family is citrus with varieties named Tangerine.

The size is quite smaller compared to other orange groups, but the taste is sweeter, and the sweetest as I know so far. The thin skin made Tangerine is easy to peel up and split into several segments. 

Orange is ready to be harvested 

Tangerine grow well in the states such as California, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Temperature is quite mild during winter, and hot like in the tropical areas during summer season. 

In the November, and sometimes reach to the end of December, we usually harvest our citrus every day. I may eat 10 citrus a day. However, we could store Tangerines in the refrigerator for about two weeks, and still fresh. 

It is good for health, since Tangerine contains highly vitamin C, and free of fat, cholesterol, sodium, fat and saturated fat. Good for diet, and diabetes patients.

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Friday, November 30, 2018

The Small Monument of Lord of the Ducks

A kind of monument for Lord of the Ducks

We just aware recently that there is written and mural of small monument of Lord of the Ducks in one of our city parks. The park called as City Park Lake locates in the Dalrymple Dr, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There are plenty of ducks and geese in the lake of park. 

Ducks and geese

Visitors or tourists, especially children love to feed ducks and geese, since they are come around to the visitors while walking around the lake, especially in the corner of lord of the duck’s monument. Some of these fowls are resting under trees, other are swimming in the lake.


The ducks and geese and their surround area’s views are good objects to take pictures. We saw couples of white fowls, look like swan from far distance. We don’t know whether they are swan or not. But, we sure the lake has a lot of kinds of fowls either managed by state park or just wild intruder fowls.    

Some artists are drawing the ducks swimming in the lake with back ground of autumn colors of tree's leaves. They look serious to play with their brushes to catch wonderful scenery while “lord of the ducks” watching from short distance.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Late Autumn in My Town, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Colorful of autumn leaves

I call “late autumn,” because our city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana just get the stage that leaves colors changing, while in the northern parts of America the falling snow piled up more than 8.5 inches, and even snowstorm in the states such as Pennsylvania.

Yes, temperature dropped below 0 degree Celsius (320 F) at night in the middle of November this year (2018), but no snow yet. Daylight temperature could reach 150 C (590 F). A quite nice weather for me.

Leaves changing colors from green to brown to red

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Different colors of trees. 

Our state, Louisiana faced very short of autumn period, start around late September to the end of November, approximately two months only. Compared to upper or northern states, not much colors of leaves changing in Louisiana. Many trees are evergreen.

The winter, even very short, from December to January. Only a small chance to have snow, no more than 3 times in the last 10 years. Temperature may drop, especially in the night. We wear jacket to make little bit warm when going outside.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Cooked Snail is One of Favorite Foods in France

The cooked snail in France, credit to Mona

It is common to eat cooked snails in South East Asia region. Both freshwater and marine snails are popular as source of foods. We could find snails in many forms of dishes in certain restaurants in the countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Plenty of recipes for snails is available in book stores.

Snails are popular cuisines in China and in Japan as well. Japanese eats abalone, turbo snails and whelks as sashimi. They eat raw soft meat of snail with special seasoning.

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Sea snail’s cuisine 

Surprisingly, snails together with oyster are among 25 typical dishes we should try to eat when visit France, may be the only western countries consume snails. They cook snails include shell with butter, called as “escargots à la bourguignonne.”

Snail contains low calories and low fat, thus good for diet. Snail is protein rich food and sources of minerals and vitamins. We found vitamin E and several minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and selenium in snail dishes. 

Knock Out to Understand Diseases in Human Body

Procedure to produce gene knockout animal (Source: Hansson, 2007) Knockout is a technique to in-activate specific genes in human body....